Information Technology

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We support most technological equipment on campus, including desktop computers, classroom AV equipment, telephone and network systems, and Web resources. How can we help you today?

Videoconference Services

For all Videoconference services such as videoconference meetings and AMS classes, visit the Videoconference services web site.

Tech alerts

Please be aware of the following scam/fraud (Click the title for details).  This scam is a fairly common one that is cropping up once more.  The scam involves using the name of faculty or staff that are easily available on our website to both email and telephone either the person they are trying to scam or others associated with that person.  Below is an example of a string of emails that are commonly sent.

I have removed the particular WSU person name, but you should be aware that an email address that looks very real was used along with the person’s full name.

Do not be taken in by these types of scams/fraud.  It is best to report it to and otherwise ignore, delete and never respond.

Tech chat for students

Chat is available for students
Monday - Thursday 9am to 5pm
Friday 9am to 2pm
Our office hours are 8-5 Mon - Fri