Information Technology

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We support most technological equipment on campus, including desktop computers, classroom AV equipment, telephone and network systems, and Web resources. How can we help you today?

Videoconference Services

For all Videoconference services such as videoconference meetings and AMS classes, visit the Videoconference services web site.

Tech chat for students

Chat is available for students
Monday - Thursday 9am to 7pm
Friday 9am to 2pm
Our office hours are 8-5 Mon - Fri

Tech alerts

Information Services would like to alert the WSU community to a new and serious flaw impacting some versions of OpenSSL, a common web site encryption software used by approximately two-thirds of the servers on the internet.

This OpenSSL flaw, known as Heartbleed, has the possibility of exposing the personal data of millions of users by allowing malicious parties access to the encryption keys to some of the web’s largest web services.  Please note that at this time there is no indication that any sensitive or confidential WSU information has been exposed or compromised.  WSU’s main web services were not exposed to or otherwise affected by this flaw.

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