Faculty toolkit

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Why the Faculty Toolkit?

The academic success of WSU Vancouver students is our number one concern. As faculty working with students, you are in the best position to be the most effective in helping and retaining these students.

Who is the Toolkit designed to help?

The toolkit is intended to help WSU Vancouver faculty in retaining students.

What resources are available?

The Retention Task Force and the faculty of WSU Vancouver have provided a series of answers to commonly asked questions. In addition, contact information for faculty members on the Our Vancouver members of the President’s Teaching Academy are listed below. These faculty have agreed to serve as resources for those who wish to improve their teaching methods or who have questions about anything related to the practice of scholarship or teaching.

When was this developed?

Questions were submitted by the faculty in the 2009-10 academic year following a campus-wide request to submit questions and concerns related to student retention.

Where do I locate these resources?

The right side of the page lists FAQ’s organized around common themes. Names of faculty who have volunteered to serve as resources for faculty looking to improve their teaching methods, or who are interested in best practices and pedagogy, are listed below.

How do I add input to the Toolkit?

The toolkit is designed to be a dynamic resource. If you would like to add questions/answers or share feedback, please email us.

Faculty member contacts:

Renny Christopher
Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Nancy Youlden
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs