Latest grants

Congratulations to the following faculty who received external grants and contracts between October – December 2017.

Cheryl Schultz. “CCS: Long term effects of new treatments across multiple Fender’s blue butterfly sites within the West Eugene Wetlands.” Funded by Department of the Interior; $8000

Linda Eddy. “Children's BH Workforce Collaborative Statewide Certified Peer Counselor Training and Testing.” Funded by WA Dept. of Social and Health Services; $202,000.

Nancy Youlden. “SW WA MESA,” subcontract from the University of Washington; $115,000

Clay Mosher. “Clark County Department of Community Services 2016-A-14.” Funded by Clark County; $10,000

Sue Peabody. “Clark County Stories: How We Came to this Place.” Funded by Humanities WA; $5,000.

Hakan Gurocak. “Magnetic Flux Control of the Rheo Knee Actuator and Performance Evaluations.” Funded by Ossur; $124,847.

Linda Eddy. “Ombuds and QRT training.” Funded by WA Dept. of Social and Health Services; $85,000.

Leslie New. “PCOD+: Developing widely-applicable models of the population consequences of disturbance.” Funded by DOD Navy; $89,517.

Zhi Chen. “HYG Capstone Financial Support.” Funded by Hyster-Yale Group; $1,350.

Linda Eddy. “Thurston Mason Leadership Coordination.” Funded by WA Dept. of Social and Health Services; $113,000.

Hua Tan. “Integration of Gerris+ into FM3 for Multiphysics Simulation of FUJIFILM Dimatix Printheads.” Funded by Fujifilm Dimatrix Inc.; $13,000.

Nikolay Strigul. “Ecosystem Model Comparison at Multiple Scales and Sites.” Subcontract to PSU, DOD Army; $312,884.

Leslie New. “Assessing population consequences of disturbance to oceanic dolphins.” Funded by DOD Navy; $30,001.