Graduate programs

Students collaborating at a table.

WSU Vancouver is committed to helping graduate students become learned scholars, effective researchers, and masters of disciplinary and interdisciplinary knowledge.

Graduate degrees

Major Degree
Computer Science M.S.
Education Ed.M., M.I.T., Ed.D.
Electrical Engineering M.S.
Environmental Science M.S.
Mechanical Engineering M.S.
Nursing M.N., DNP
Prevention Science Ph.D.
Public Affairs M.P.A.

Additional graduate programs

Some graduate programs are officially offered through the Pullman campus although students may complete *ALL or **SOME of their degree requirements on the Vancouver campus.

Major Degree
Anthropology – Evolutionary* Ph.D.
Biology* M.S., Ph.D.
Business** Ph.D.
Educational Leadership* Ph.D.
English** Ph.D.
Environmental and Natural Resource Sciences* Ph.D.
History** Ph.D.
Mathematics** M.S., Ph.D.
Mathematics/Science** Ph.D.
Mathematics and Science Education* Ph.D.
Molecular Biology** Ph.D.
Neuroscience* Ph.D.
Nursing** Ph.D.
Plant Biology* M.S., Ph.D.
Political Science** Ph.D.
Psychology – Experimental* Ph.D.
Sociology** Ph.D.

Faculty research

If you are interested in pursuing graduate studies at WSU Vancouver we strongly encourage you to explore faculty research pages or get in direct contact with the professor who meets your academic interest.

Application process

If you have already spoken with a graduate coordinator or professor and are ready to apply, you may apply now!