Good Host Program / Guest & Event Parking Request Form

  1. This form is for use by WSU Vancouver departments requesting electronic permits and monthly billing for guest or event parking, for outside agencies/organizations to arrange for their parking needs while attending an event or meeting on the WSU Vancouver campus, to request assigned parking for an event, and to notify Parking Services about the possible impact of visitor/event parking on campus.
  2. Event and guest permits are billable at the daily parking rate, currently $3/day per vehicle. If the actual number of permits used differs from the amount requested, the actual number must be provided to Parking Services immediately following your event in order for your billing information to be updated before invoicing. Parking Services does monitor usage of permits in the lots; however, it is the responsibility of the requestor to report any changes in permits used to the Parking Services office as additional or decreased numbers of permits can greatly affect the accuracy of your billing.
  3. Please complete the following form with the requested information about your guest or event parking at WSU Vancouver. For notification and planning purposes, this form should be completed whenever more than a few guests are invited to park on campus regardless of whether parking fees will be self-paid by attendees, by the organization holding the event, or if fees have been waived by the Chancellor's office.
  4. WSU Vancouver Parking Services will respond to your request for assigned parking accommodations as quickly as possible via email or phone to confirm space availability and/or permit needs specific to your guest or event.
  5. Due to high demand, Parking Services cannot guarantee completion/delivery of event parking permits submitted with less than 3 business days for processing. Please allow sufficient time for your request to be processed and for your permit file to be sent via email. Permit requests that do not allow for the 3 business day processing time will be processed on a case by case basis if time and staffing allow. If you need to make other arrangements for guest parking on short notice, please visit the parking services website or contact our office at or 360.546.9009.
  6. Please be sure you have scheduled your event through the WSU Vancouver Event Scheduler's office at
  7. Please note: The current hours available for scheduled events to be held on the WSU Vancouver campus are Monday through Friday, from 7:30 a.m. to 12:00 a.m., and Saturday/Sunday, from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

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This is the number of permits used to generate a billing invoice unless Parking Services is notified of a change to the requested amount before invoices are generated. For changes contact 360-546-9002 or
Must be at least 3 business days from today's date.
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If no, please provide requestor responsible for billing

We appreciate your cooperation in adhering to our request processing timeline of 3 working days; requests not allowing for the 3 business day lead time will be processed on a case by case basis, as staffing allows. Thank you.