WSU Vancouver Strategic Plan

Destination 2021

WSU Vancouver Vision

Washington State University Vancouver will be a positive force in bettering the lives of the people of Southwest Washington and beyond by contributing outstanding research; expanding access to the highest-quality university education where student success is central; and engaging with community partners to address the needs of our changing world.

WSU Vancouver Mission

Firstenburg Family Fountain in quadWashington State University Vancouver is dedicated to its land-grant tradition "for openness, accessibility and service to people." The campus mission stands on five pillars:

  • To advance knowledge through research, innovation, and creativity across a wide range of academic disciplines.
  • To extend knowledge through innovative educational programs in which students and emerging scholars are mentored to realize their highest potential and assume roles of leadership, responsibility and service to society.
  • To apply knowledge through local and global engagement that will improve quality of life and enhance the economy of the state, nation and world.
  • To address the need for social justice, equity and a culture of inclusion in our society.
  • To collaborate with partners to build the bonds that unite a healthy community.

Five strategic goals 2016 – 2021

Goal 1

Microscope iconResearch

Advance excellence in research and creativity consistent with the university's strategic missions and grand challenges.


Increase scholarly productivity at the campus, department and individual levels consistent with the WSU aspiration to advance into the ranks of the top 25 public research universities by 2030.

Increase campus research capacity through consistent year-over-year growth in research funding awards per capita and through diversification of funding sources.

Incubate new flagship research initiatives focused on areas of cross-disciplinary research leading to the creation of at least one center.

Increase graduate students' productivity and professional development.

Goal 2

Diploma iconStudent Success

Champion student learning and success.


Transform student learning and involvement to support the signature first-year experience for all students attending WSU Vancouver for the first time.

Increase student engagement in co-curricular activity to enhance student life and campus culture.

Build experiential learning into the curriculum for all majors.

Foster a curriculum and learning environment that prepare our students to be creators, researchers, collaborators and problem solvers.

Goal 3

Sprout iconGrowth

Expand and enhance efforts to grow, educate and graduate a diverse student body.


Fulfill the mission of a vibrant, versatile and world-­renowned center for higher education in Southwest Washington as well as increase regional degree attainment by growing undergraduate and graduate enrollment toward our long-term goal of 5,000 students.

Expand educational opportunities in response to national trends, existing campus strengths and synergies, and regional workforce demands.

Support student persistence to improve retention and graduation rates.

Goal 4

Balance scale iconEquity and Diversity

Promote an ethical and socially just society through an intentional commitment to inclusion, equity and diversity.


Ensure equitable opportunities and outcomes for all student populations, including equal retention and graduation rates across demographic groups.

Infuse equity-mindedness throughout the fabric of the campus structure and create capacity to work toward equity in all aspects of campus endeavors.

Build and maintain a safe and welcoming environment for all students and employees.

Goal 5

Building iconCommunity

Establish and maintain mutually beneficial community outreach, research, financial and civic engagement partnerships.


Ensure the campus plays a meaningful role in contributing to the betterment of the community.

Engage alumni and friends of WSU Vancouver to support shared community and campus priorities.

Build creative partnerships that drive economic development in the region.

An investment in the future

Strategic plan strategies are funded through a mixture of reallocation of current resources, student enrollment growth and philanthropy. Purposeful implementation, communication and accountability mechanisms were developed to keep the plan at the center of campus priorities.

Plan implementation

Each of the goals and objectives provided in the strategic plan also has strategies for implementation.

Ensuring progress

Teams have been developed to address implementation, communication and progress measurements.

If you have questions, please contact the Office of the Chancellor, 360-546-9589.

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