Tech reminders for graduating students

Vancouver IT congratulates all December 2017 graduates! Here’s some important tech info to be aware of as you become an alum:

  • WSU student email accounts are lifetime accounts and do not expire after leaving the university. As usual, you will receive notifications to reset your password every 180 days.
  • Office 365 software is only available to actively enrolled WSU students. When you leave the university, your subscription will be cancelled. If you’d like to buy a new subscription, visit
  • OneDrive is similar to Office 365, in that it is only available for actively enrolled WSU students. Your OneDrive space will be decommissioned and removed when you leave the university. Make sure to move your files to another storage system before graduation.

If you have any questions or need help, please contact the IT HelpDesk at 360-546-9770 or