FireEye upgrade scheduled

In the ongoing effort to create a more secure cyber environment on campus, all computers (Mac and Windows) with FireEye will be upgraded beginning Tuesday, March 6 at noon and will continue into next week. FireEye is the WSU standard for antivirus and advanced threat protection. According to Chuck Harrsch, WSU Vancouver information security office, Vancouver IT will push the upgrade through the FireEye management console to campus computers that currently have FireEye. This will happen in the background and users shouldn’t experience any changes. IT will be aware which computers were upgraded successfully or not and will contact people with systems that experienced problems with the upgrade.

To check if FireEye is currently installed on your system, or to identify which version is installed, follow the directions below: 
After the upgrade, laptops or desktops should have FireEye version 26.21.8. If it’s any less or you do not find the FireEye software, contact the HelpDesk at 360-546-9770 or

  • Windows 10:
    - Go to Cortona or the Search next to the Windows icon in the bottom left and type Apps & Features.
    - Scroll until you find "FireEye Endpoint Agent" or "Xagt." Click on it to check for version 26.21.8.
  • Windows 7:
    - Click on the Start icon and, in the search window at the bottom of the Start Menu, type: programs and features then press enter.
    - A new window will open. Look for "FireEye Endpoint Agent." The version number will be on the far right side of the window and should be 26.21.8.
  • Macs:
    - In the Finder, click on Go on the top menu, then Go to Folder.
    - A search windows will pop up. Type /library then click Go.
    - The Library folder will open. Look for the FireEye folder (if you do not find it, contact the HelpDesk).
    - Open the FireEye folder, then open the Xagt Folder.
    - In the Xagt folder, right click on the Xagt app and choose Get Info (or command + I).
    - The version should be 26.21.8.

If FireEye is not installed on your computer, or if you have questions, please contact the IT HelpDesk at 360-546-9770 or