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Campus Firewall Upgrades March 13 & 14

In the ongoing effort to improve security and resilience of the campus network, there will be service and maintenance work completed on the network firewall between 6:00 – 7:30 am March 13 & 14. This work may result in intermittent minor network outages lasting just 20 seconds to a couple minutes.

FireEye upgrades on workstations and laptops March 6

The WSU malware and advanced threat protection software (called FireEye) will receive its quarterly updates on March 6. This FireEye update provides WSU Vancouver computers (Mac and Windows) with the latest protection agent.

Don’t fall prey to spear phishing

WSU system wide is the target of a spear phishing campaign. Spear fishing is sending fraudulent email from a trusted sender. In this case, emails impersonating deans, directors and other supervisors on campus are being sent to direct reports asking them to purchase iTunes cards and reply with the codes.

Preparing Your Class for the Unexpected

IT Academic Services is offering small group, mini-workshops to help faculty prepare for teaching when they or their students cannot be on campus. These workshops will be offered in the Faculty Instructional Technology space in VCLS 214. Each workshop is about a half hour and focuses on practical demonstrations & questions faculty may have.

Topics include:

Campus wireless upgraded

Thanks to 2017-2018 Student Tech Fee funds, major WiFi improvements were recently finished in three of the most active student spots on campus: the VanCougar Café in the Dengerink building, the Firstenburg Student Commons, and the Library.

FireEye upgrade scheduled

In the ongoing effort to create a more secure cyber environment on campus, all computers (Mac and Windows) with FireEye will be upgraded beginning Tuesday, March 6 at noon and will continue into next week.

New credit card machine in the cafeteria

A new credit card processing machine has been installed in the cafeteria. This first-of-its-kind for WSU technology will shorten credit card processing time. In addition, purchases under $15 will no longer require a signature. Look forward to shorter checkout lines!

Academic Services launches Faculty Instructional Technology (FIT) Lab

IT Academic Services is thrilled to announce the launch of the Faculty Instructional Technology (FIT) Lab each Friday of the Spring semester in VCLS 214. The FIT Lab offers faculty and instructors a designated work space with access to computers and exclusive, extended support from Academic Technology specialists.

Vancouver IT would like to remind students of a few things


Loaner laptops available for students

Thanks to the support from the WSU Vancouver Student Technology Fee, there are six PC laptops available for checkout at the WSU Vancouver Library. Each laptop may be checked out for 3 or 7 days and comes with a power cable, mouse and carrying case. They are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please visit the Library for more information.

AV equipment upgraded in six VUCB classrooms

High-definition digital projectors, touch screen control systems and widescreen displays were installed in six first-floor classrooms in the Undergraduate Building over the winter break. These enhancements are similar to recent AV upgrades in VMMC, VSCI and the Library.

Protect your devices while traveling this holiday season

The Information Security team of Vancouver IT wishes all VanCougs a happy holiday and restful break. While you’re traveling this holiday season, here are a few tips from the United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team to remember to protect your personal devices:

Tech reminders for graduating students

Vancouver IT congratulates all December 2017 graduates! Here’s some important tech info to be aware of as you become an alum:

IT launches Network Operations Area

Vancouver IT’s Infrastructure Services team recently launched WSU Vancouver’s first Network Operations Area. The NOA is a major step forward in maintaining real-time data on critical network systems by providing situational awareness of the campus’s network.

Enable WiFi calling for better cell coverage

Increased cell coverage ranked in the top three desired technology priorities for students, faculty and staff in this year’s TechQual+ survey performed by Vancouver IT.

Check your Junk Email folder

This is a reminder from Vancouver IT to check your Junk Email folder from time to time. While it’s not unusual for legitimate emails to get routed to the Junk Email folder occasionally, IT has noticed an increase in misrouting of emails lately.

Your Mobile Devices Won't Secure Themselves

Mobile security at one time meant using a laptop lock and keeping tabs on your phone. However, the growing capabilities and use of mobile devices—coupled with the ubiquity of smart devices stitched into the very fabric of our daily lives (figuratively and literally)—now require a more sophisticated defense-in-depth approach to match the growing threat.

Avoiding Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware is a type of malware designed to encrypt users’ files or lock their operating systems so attackers can demand a ransom payment. According to a 2016 Symantec report, the average ransom demand is almost $700 and “consumers are the most likely victims of ransomware, accounting for 57 percent of all infections between January 2015 and April 2016.”

Keep What’s Private, Private

You exist in digital form all over the Internet. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that the digital you matches what you are intending to share. It is also critical to guard your privacy—not only to avoid embarrassment, but also to protect your identity and finances!

Following are specific steps you can take to protect your online information, identity, and privacy:

Vancouver IT Annual Report available

As technology continues to play an ever-increasing role in WSU Vancouver’s teaching and learning mission, WSU Vancouver’s Information Technology department worked over the previous year to enhance and promote a seamless technology experience for all Vancouver Cougs. To highlight the many and varied projects IT has accomplished, the department recently released its 2016/2017 Annual Report.

Refuse the Phishing Bait

Cybercriminals know the best strategies for gaining access to sensitive data. In most cases, it doesn’t involve tech-savvy hacking into servers; instead, they simply manipulate users.

Basic Steps to Online Safety and Security

Help keep the internet safe and secure. Follow these six National Cyber Security Alliance recommendations to better protect yourself online and make the Internet more secure for everyone:

WSU Wireless receives maintenance

In response to the ever-increasing usage and demand for reliable wireless, the WSU Wireless network received extensive maintenance on Sept. 16. While some reported difficulties at the beginning of the semester, the update fixed several issues and WSU Wireless remains the fastest and most secure wireless option on campus.

Vancouver IT welcomes new team member

Jessica McKee, who has served WSU Vancouver as the language lab co-manager for the department of foreign languages and cultures for the past six years, is expanding her role by joining the Vancouver IT department part time.

Faculty professional development available

As a result of a partnership between Academic Affairs, IT and the Access Center, new professional development opportunities are available for faculty each Friday on a variety of topics such as Universal Design, Blackboard and OneDrive.

Computer upgrades

All open computer lab and podia computers were recently upgraded to Windows 10. Please be patient as your initial login time may take longer than usual. To log out, click the Cougar logo in the bottom left of the screen.

Academic Services offers faculty support & training

In preparation for fall term, IT would like to remind faculty of support offered by Academic Services including:

Introducing new Infrastructure Services Manager, Mac Mintz

Information Technology is pleased to announce our new Infrastructure Services Manager, Mac Mintz.

WSU Knowledgebase grows

The WSU Knowledgebase was launched in May through the collaborative efforts of various WSU IT support teams across campuses. Designed to be a university-wide, one-stop resource for WSU technology questions, Knowledgebase also has the capabilities to address campus-specific questions.

Wi-Fi coverage improved in Science Building

In response to a February campus-wide WiFi analysis, WSU Vancouver IT has added two new access points (APs) in the Science Building to improve coverage in the greenhouse and adjunct offices. In both instances, large steel structures were blocking what would otherwise might been good WiFi coverage.

MyWSU maintenance scheduled

MyWSU will undergo scheduled maintenance and upgrades from 10 p.m. Friday, June 30 to 9 p.m. Monday, July 3. During this time, myWSU will not be available. Please plan accordingly.

WSUV Wifi is going away -- switch to WSU Wireless

This past spring, WSU implemented an improved wireless option, WSU Wireless, creating a seamless wireless experience at all WSU campuses including WSU Vancouver. WSU Wireless offers the most secure Wi-Fi network for our students, faculty, and staff, and is intended to replace the WSUV Wi-Fi access.

WSU Knowledgebase now available

Over the last six months, representatives from WSU IT support teams across campuses have collaborated to create a university-wide, one-stop resource for WSU technology questions.

IT appreciates your patience with email migration

The Office 365 email migration on May 11 moved faculty and staff to the same email platform students have been on since 2015. While it was not a totally seamless process, more than 860 email accounts were migrated and more than 80 percent of them had little or no impact to the user.

Enhanced Network Connectivity at WSU Vancouver

On Wednesday March 15, WSU Vancouver successfully completed the implementation of a second 1 gigabit/second network connection. The campus is now is served by separate 1Gb connections from K20 and IRON/Comcast and the upgrade includes advanced, dynamic routing which allows WSU Vancouver’s traffic, both inbound and outbound, to automatically failover from one network connection to the other.

Campus Inventory Project - We'll see you soon!

Starting Monday, March 14th, Vancouver IT will visit every room, on every floor, in every building on campus during Spring Break to identify WSU telephone and computer equipment as well as to distribute new emergency contact stickers on all WSU phones. Vancouver IT members will work with teams of student workers in coordination with campus department representatives.

Student Commons Audiovisual experience upgraded

Over the holiday break, the Firstenberg Students Commons and FSC104 conference room received an audiovisual facelift courtesy of Student S&A funds.  This upgrade will make the space use more flexible as well as user friendly into the future.  Improvements include new digital widescreen projectors, wireless connection to the projection, easier to use controls and installation of KO

WSU Wireless, the new system-wide wifi network

There's a new wireless network available to all WSU students, faculty, and staff and it's called WSU Wireless. Simply choose this network, log in with your Network ID, and you're on! Not only is the registration process much simpler than with our previous network, but it also has other advantages:

Blackboard - Better options, Better Hours, Better support

“In Spring 2017,  Blackboard walk-in support will be available for faculty and students any time between 9:00am and 3:00pm Monday through Friday.  Faculty are also invited to make appointments with IT Academic Services team members or to go to the IT Help Desk and ask for assistance.  The new support hours replace the scheduled Blackboard walk-in hours and allow fa

Faster, more secure firewall now in place

WSU Vancouver IT's Infrastructure Services department activated a new firewall today. The new firewall doubles the campus' maximum internet capacity to 1Gb/second. This new firewall removes the bottleneck that existed between the campus network and the outside world and will immediately increase your connection speeds to fast servers on the internet.

New VPN instructions for connecting through the new firewall

Along with the installation of a new, faster, more secure firewall comes a new VPN client for use by those employees who need to connect to their work computers from off campus. Previous VPN users should have already received emails about this transition.

Outlook app now works on mobile devices

Information Technology Services has announced that they have enabled the use of the Outlook App on mobile devices for all Office365 accounts.

2015-2016 Vancouver IT Year In Review Available

Would you like to learn more about WSU Vancouver's IT department and what we've been working on over the past year? Then check out the 2015-2016 Year In Review (pdf).

Here are a few of the topics covered:

Welcome back for fall semester 2016!

Vancouver IT would like to remind you about a few things:

Helpdesk location and hours:
The IT helpdesk has moved to VCLS 225. We are open from 8-5, Monday through Friday. Stop by, call (360-546-9770), or email us at .

The Results Are In! - 2016 Techqual+ Survey Results

The 2016 Techqual+ IT survey results are in. In the report, you will see how students, faculty, and staff rate the quality of the campus' IT services.

Quad-Fi - Wifi in the quad!

Outdoor WiFi is now available in the Quad and on the south patio of the Firstenburg Student Commons. The bus stop in the visitor loop and the patio in front of the Bookie also have WiFi access. These outdoor WiFi improvements are a direct result of student responses in the annual IT survey. Vancouver IT would like to thank each individual who shared feedback and recommendations.

Vancouver IT Academic Services

As a service team within Information Technology, Academic Services provides support for technologies, learning spaces, classrooms and services that enhance teaching, learning and research at WSU Vancouver. This team works with faculty and departments to use technology to improve learning outcomes and to advance the University’s academic mission. It collaborates with the WSU Vancouver Director...

WSUV WiFi certificates for students will expire January 6

If you are a student and have been using the WSUV WiFi network, the certificate that allows you to connect to the network will expire on January 6.

The easiest way to renew your certificate is to do it now, before your current certificate expires. To do so, click on the red button below and go through the same steps you went through the first time you connected.

Who is EVITA?

EVITA is your new Expert Vancouver IT Assistant! She is excited to join the VIT team and is eager to assist you with any IT-related problem you may have. EVITA is who you will talk to in help request communications. She is too busy (and shy) to answer our phone though -- other VIT employees will handle that but will be sure to pass your messages on to EVITA right away.

New WiFi networks available

WSU Vancouver now has two main networks: WSUV WiFi Guest and WSUV WiFi.

WSUV WiFi Guest gives you free WiFi without having to login. The price you pay for skipping login is slower speeds (3 – 4 Mb), an unsecure network and limited access (Internet only). This is the right solution for faculty, staff and students who want quick, basic access.

Reset your password

Due to recent attacks on major research universities including WSU, all WSU faculty, staff and students need to reset the password for their WSU Network ID immediately.

Office for Mac 2011 - new update fixes Outlook problem

The critical security update from 5/14/15 left several users with a non-functional Outlook. Microsoft issued a new patch on May 20 that fixes this Outlook problem. If you experienced issues after running last week's update, you'll want to run this update.

Phishing/Virus Emails - What To Do

Email is a favorite way for spammers and hackers to get into your computer and/or collect personal information from you.  The two most common ways for this to occur are:  Links in emails that take you to an infected website or a site that asks for personal information; and attachments that download viruses and/or malware onto your computer giving hackers access.

Don't be...

Train or re-train for AV

Evening AV support is not available during summer sessions. If you are new to using the Podia AV equipment or would like a little refresher, you can look through the podia guides in the Technology Help guides.

Summer Hours

VIT summer hours: The Vancouver IT Help Desk is your one-stop shopping place for your technology requests and questions. Do you need help with a WSU owned computer? Are you having problems printing or problems with email? Perhaps, you need help with the AV system in a classroom. Well the staff at the VIT Help Desk is happy to help you.

Summer Angel course merges

VIT can merge your Angel courses for you and now is the time to make the request.

Important note: Angel will be discontinued on August 10, 2015 and beginning with the fall 2015 term, WSU will be using Blackboard exclusively , so now is a good time to visit our website and review the Angel and Blackboard Help Guides at:...

Summer Computer Maintenance

The end of the Spring semester is a good time to perform some routine maintenance on your computer, whether in preparation for a summer off or one full of teaching summer courses. Our knowledge books contain a number of helpful guides for doing just that. Here are a few to get you started:

Your WSU Vancouver email address has changed

On April 22, your email address changed. The word “vancouver” was left off moving forward. Email sent to your previous email address with “vancouver” still reaches you; however, your outgoing email no longer shows the word “vancouver” in your address.

Big Changes To Campus Wi-Fi!

Dear WSU Vancouver students, faculty, and staff,