Who to call

Subject Contact name/email Phone
Accounts payable and receivable Mike Appel 6-9245
AIS access requests Steve Tover 6-9211
Battery jump Public Safety 6-9001
Budget statements Terresa Watson 6-9596
Budget Terresa Watson 6-9596
Campus planning Capital Planning and Development 6-9590
Car unlocks Public Safety 6-9001
Cash deposits (departmental only) Terresa Watson 6-9480
Catering Bill Bontems 6-9548
Construction Capital Planning and Development 6-9590
Contracting, individual or company Mike Appel 6-9245
Copy and paper charges Mike Appel 6-9245
Custodial services Facilities Operations 6-9000
Dining services Brad Havist 6-9548
Emergencies Dial 911 911
Environmental Health & Safety Joe Price 6-9706
Events office Kim Estes 6-9588
Event setup Kim Estes 6-9588
Facilities work orders Facilities Operations 6-9000
Fingerprinting Public Safety 6-9001
Furniture acquisition Josh Arp 6-9697
Furniture moves (in-office) Facilities Operations 6-9000
Grants and contracts Peggy_Bowe 6-9486
Grounds Facilities Operations 6-9000
Keys Facilities Operations 6-9000
Lock or unlock doors Public Safety 6-9001
Lost and found Public Safety/Parking Services 6-9002
Mail services Jeanette Bergen 6-9708
Maintenance Facilities Operations 6-9000
Motor pool Facilities Operations 6-9000
Parking lot issues Parking Services 6-9009
Parking permits (Parking Services) Parking Services 6-9009
Payroll (adjunct) Steve Tover 6-9211
Payroll (salaried) Terresa Watson 6-9596
Payroll (temporary and timeslip) Sara Rauch 6-9592
Permanent positions, new Terresa Watson 6-9596
Petty cash funds Steve Tover 6-9211
Police matters Public Safety 6-9001
Property inventory Jeanette Bergen 6-9708
Public Safety Dave Stephenson 6-9001
Purchasing Mike Appel 6-9245
Purchasing card Mike Appel 6-9245
Receiving Jeanette Bergen 6-9708
Report requests Steve Tover 6-9211
Room temperature Facilities Operations 6-9000
Safety escorts and security Public Safety 6-9001
Scheduling (general rooms) Kim Estes 6-9588
Shelf or picture hanging Facilities Operations 6-9000
Signage Facilities Operations 6-9000
Space management Capital Planning and Development 6-9590
Spills Facilities Operations 6-9000
Summer session Steve Tover 6-9211
Surplus equipment Jeanette Bergen 6-9708
Tables and chairs (temporary use) Facilities Operations 6-9000
Time and leave reporting Sara Rauch 6-9592
Travel Mike Appel 6-9480