The working environment

Recruitment and retention

  • WSU received an ADVANCE grant to offer systematic support for recruitment, retention and advancement of women faculty. ADVANCE has a particular focus on STEM disciplines but has implemented programs beneficial across campus.
  • The Vancouver office of Academic Affairs is committed to applying best practices in recruitment to ensure a diverse pool of applicants receive fair evaluation, consideration and accommodation.
  • Vancouver Human Resources helps departments with recruitment and retention by maintaining a positive, diverse, healthy and safe work environment.


Training sessions are held to educate the wider campus community and foster an environment of inclusion, appreciation and celebration of WSU Vancouver’s diverse community. Safe Zone, Cultural Competency, Diversity Awareness and LGBTQ trainings are recent examples.

Work/life balance

  • A variety of options help faculty and staff juggle their responsibilities. Options include flexible schedules and formal leaves as well as many others.
  • The campus Child Development Program is available to employees with young children.