Disability Services

1. A student says s/he needs accommodations for a disability. What should I tell the student?

Ask the student if they have been approved for accommodations through the Access Center. If not, direct the student to the Access Center in the Student Resource Center or to the Access Center website. If the student has been approved for accommodations, they should have a Letter of Accommodation which outlines their accommodations and gives contact information. We encourage faculty to work with the Access Center before providing accommodations to students. For more information, please contact the program coordinator for the Access Center, at 360-546-9138.

2. A student recently failed an assignment or exam and now says s/he has a disability. Are accommodations retroactive?

Accommodations are not retroactive. However, if you wish to give the student a chance to do better on an exam, you may do so. After appropriate accommodations have been established through the Access Center, you can choose whether to allow the student to repeat the assignment or retake the exam with accommodations in place.

3. I suspect a student in my class has a disability. What are my next steps?

You are encouraged to set up a one-on-one meeting with the student and give him or her a list of campus resources to encourage their success. Included in the resources would be the contact information for the Access Center.

4. A non-native speaking student has asked to get a copy of the notes that are provided to a fellow student as coordinated by the Access Center. What should I do?

Note taking through the Access Center is provided exclusively to students who have a documented disability. Notes are not provided to other students unless they qualify for the Access Center. If the student needs assistance with a disability, please refer them to the Access Center.

5. If I have questions or concerns, with whom can I discuss a student’s disability accommodations?

The program coordinator for the Access Center, in the Student Resource Center, is available for consultations. You may refer students’ questions directly to the program coordinator. Please remember that any information the student shares with you should be held in confidence. Do not discuss accommodations with the student in front of the class or allow Letters of Accommodation to be in places where others may see them. For more information, please contact the Access Center.