Citations and appeals

Parking citations are issued for violations of the WSU Vancouver Campus Parking & Traffic Regulations in accordance with Washington Administrative Code (WAC) 504-19.

See the Fine Schedule for information about citation types and fine amounts.

After 30 days, an administrative fee of $25 will be added to the outstanding balance of any citation and will be submitted for collection.

Pay a citation

Citations may be paid online or in person at the Parking Services office or by mailing the payment and citation information to:

WSU Vancouver Parking Services
14204 NE Salmon Creek Ave.
Vancouver, WA, 98686-9600

If you have questions, email us, or call 360-546-9009.

Appeal a citation

Citations may be appealed within 10 days. All appeals must be submitted via the online parking appeal system.

You can find instructions and contact information on the back of the citation, including the phone number and physical, email and web address of the Parking Services office.

Decisions are made by the Parking Appeals Committee, which includes WSU Vancouver students, staff and faculty who are not employed or directly affiliated with Parking Services.