Chancellor's Seminar Series

Chancellor's Seminar Series

The Chancellor’s Seminar Series provides a forum for thoughtful perspectives and the exchange of ideas on timely topics.

Students, faculty, staff, business leaders, elected officials and community members come together on campus for an in-depth conversation about a topic of current interest.

Sleep matters: How sleep affects learning, decision-making and health from adolescence to adulthood

Chancellor's Seminar Series eventFind out what you don't know about sleep.

11:45 a.m. Friday, October 9
Firstenburg Student Commons
WSU Vancouver campus

$25 includes lecture, lunch and parking.

Details for the next event coming soon.


Dr. Gregory Belenky
Belenky is a research professor at Washington State University Spokane where he launched the Sleep and Performance Research Center. Learn about the effects of reduced and displaced sleep on cognitive performance and health, ranging from simple reaction time to complex decision making. Belenky’s research is important to people who work in high-risk positions such as medical professionals, public safety and commercial drivers.

Dr. Catherine Darley
Darley opened the Seattle-based Institute of Naturopathic Sleep Medicine in 2003. She is dedicated to increasing the awareness of sleep as an integral part of health. Darley will discuss how sleep impacts adolescent learning and share research conducted on school start times and student performance.

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