Diversity Council

The Diversity Council is a group of WSUV faculty, staff, administrators, and students engaged in the promotion of diversity on campus as a broad range of ever-changing differences, thinking, and personal self-identification practices, rather than a focus on any one difference or self-identification.

Role of Diversity Council

The Diversity Council promotes diversity awareness, supports diversity-related programming, and assists with efforts to enhance the campus climate for broadly-defined and practiced diversity in an effort to fulfill and meet WSUV's stated policies and goals of creating a campus environment of inclusion and respect. One person or traditional (self)identification does not represent diversity. The entire WSUV community does. The Diversity Council represents the numerous cultures, abilities, and identities—religion, ethnicity, disability, sex, language, race, age, gender, sexual orientation/identity, or other similar factors—that make up the WSUV campus community.  We strive to facilitate interaction, understanding, and civil discourse within the campus community; where persons of all cultures, abilities, identities and world views can be embraced and appreciated.

A major task of the Diversity Council is to provide organizational and financial support for events and activities that promote diversity on the WSUV campus. This includes:

  • Encouraging the development of research and curriculum on diversity issues by our faculty and students.
  • Supporting programs that help prepare and recruit students from under-represented communities to attend WSU Vancouver.
  • Sponsoring cultural and academic events that help create an intellectual and social environment that celebrates diversity on our campus.

Additionally, the Diversity Council is concerned with gauging the campus climate and attitudes toward diversity. This means identifying successes and opportunities, as well as challenges and hurdles that affect its mission. It should be noted, however, that the Diversity Council is not the place to file personal / personnel complaints or individual grievances regarding possible violations of equal rights and workplace discrimination regulations. More appropriate channels are in place for these issues than the Diversity Council.