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Embracing diversity

Washington State University's current Strategic Plan calls on each of its campuses to "embrace an environment of diversity." According to the Plan, the WSU system is guided by an imperative to "embrace a worldview that values diversity and cultural differences and recognizes the importance of global interdependence and sustainability." The ultimate goal is to "create an institutional culture in which diversity is the norm."

A part of WSU Vancouver

At WSU Vancouver, these values have been a part of our institution since our founding in 1989. Throughout the years WSU Vancouver has continued to support diversity and foster an environment of inclusion on our campus.

Student Diversity

As our campus diversity has expanded, more clubs and activities have been organized on our campus that reflect our growing multicultural population: the Black Student Union, Students for Social and Environmental Justice, the Marquee Diversity Event, and the Diversity Council’s Diversity Film Festival are recent examples.

Learn more about Student Diversity at WSU Vancouver.

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